SwimWay Summer Party Weekend!

A couple of months back, the team received an email they were all eagerly anticipating… The SwimWay Summer Party announcement! As usual, the SwimWay Facilities Manager Ana Veronica Pastor had planned and put into action a wonderful treat for everyone. This year’s party took us to Denbies Wine Estate for a lovely summer evening of delicious wine, beautiful views, and tasty food!

Pre-Party River Boating

Prior to the party on Saturday 13th July, the office team decided to warm things up on the sunny Friday afternoon. A cheeky trip along the Thames with a few drinks and snacks courtesy of GoBoat Kingston. It was an amazing little journey along the river up to Hampton Court Palace to celebrate the hard work the office team has put in through the year.

The instructors are rightly the face of the company, providing the finest swimming instruction London has to offer. However, our friendly office team is just as important, managing the venues, teams, and schedules to ensure smooth sailings throughout each term. SwimWay M.D. Dan Pastor thought it would be an excellent opportunity not only to reward the hard work but also for some team bonding!

Capt. Dan Pastor – the perfect opportunity for a metaphor about steering the company through choppy waters! Anyone?

Party Time!

Then on Saturday, the big day arrived! The entire team, joined by the lovely East Sheen Gordon Avenue pool owners Helen and Duncan, met at the SwimWay offices. From there, we were transported by bus to Denbies. A fun trip which started building everyone’s anticipation!

Upon arrival, we found that the bus was a touch too large to make it all the way to the entrance. Not a problem on a sunny summer evening! The short walk to the entrance helped stretch the legs after the journey.

Canapés & Bubbly

The Denbies team were lovely! They took excellent care of us throughout the evening. Starting with a fun “train ride” up to a beautiful viewpoint where canapes were served along with some delicious bubbly! This is what a SwimWay Summer Party is all about!

Winery Tour & Tasting

The train then took us back to the main venue. Spirits were high as we started a short but interesting tour of the winery. The guide was full of silly, but funny jokes and kept everyone entertained as well as educated!

Following the tour, the team was lucky enough to have a tasting session. Our guide poured samples from six different wines while explaining the history and processes behind each one. More education and entertainment!

The Award Ceremony

Once everyone was on their final samples, Dan took the stage to talk… He spoke about how proud he was of the team this year. It has been an uncertain year this country with Brexit on the horizon. We have only managed to navigate these trying times with the support of our amazing team. This is why Dan likes to show the team our appreciation for their hard work with the staff and instructor of the year awards.

Staff member of the year went to Alexander King. Having joined the company just over a year ago, Alexander has proven himself an incredibly valuable member of the office team. He took to the work with very little difficulty and had no trouble bonding with everyone in the office. On top of this, he took on some teaching shifts as well and quickly became a firm favourite among our clients. A well-deserved award!

Staff Member of the year – Alexander

Instructors of the year was also awarded to two newer team members – Roberta Contegreco and Jorge Alonso. Roberta and Jorge also started with us about a year ago. They made an instant impression not only on the students and parents but the office team too. Quick to help, respond to queries, always happy to help and go above and beyond their day-to-day duties. These are the types of people SwimWay strives to employ, and keep with us for years to come. Thank you Roberta and Jorge!

Instructors of the year – Roberta and Jorge

Food, Wine & Festive Cheer

As with most SwimWay Summer Parties, the evening culminated with a delicious meal in the Denbies restaurant, washed down with their lovely wine. The service was top-class and supported the festive atmosphere.

Alas, however, all good things must come to an end. The team was then taken back to the office via the party bus with music, singing and festive cheer! A truly unforgettable evening with excellent people.

Our heartfelt thanks once again to Dan, Ana Veronica, GoBoat and Denbies for a fantastic SwimWay Summer Party Weekend!