3 Reasons To Book Children’s 1-to-2 Swimming Lessons

For beginner and developing level children aged 2-9 years, SwimWay specialises in 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 swimming lessons. Children inevitably learn faster in 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 settings. There is no doubt that students will experience far more progressive sessions in this setting. The benefit of having the sole focus and attention of the instructor, with no flotation devices is unquestionable. There are a wealth of benefits to booking 1-to-1 lessons. But in this post we will be looking at 3 reasons to book children’s 1-to-2 lessons…

1. Lower Cost, High Value

It is important to know that booking a 1-to-2 swimming lesson does not mean skimping on quality or progression. No one can argue that children’s activities can take a toll on the wallet, especially when booking more than one child. There are a few after-school activities and clubs that can sometimes be put on hold when necessary. However, as an essential life-saving skill, swimming lessons are simply not something that can be put off. Understandably, a 1-to-1 option is very expensive. Which is why many parents go for 1-to-2 swimming lessons instead, especially when booking siblings or friends together. The value of these swimming lessons remain extremely high, and for some students even more so. Read on to see why…

2. Pushing Each Other To Do Better

Children’s 1-to-2 swimming lessons can bring an element of friendly competition. This spirit is always encouraged in a positive, fun way by our lovely instructors. However, there are also pairings where competition is not necessarily desired by either the children or the parents. Removing a sense of competition does not mean the children who swim together do not push each other to do better. Competitive spirit or no, a 1-to-2 swimming lesson for children will inevitably create an environment where each child pushes themselves and their partner to improve and learn in a fun and progressive manner.

3. Fun With Friends

Never underestimate how important it is for the children to learn by having fun! The best way for them to progress and become safe in the water, is for them to enjoy the learning process. Our wonderful instructors play a huge part in this, creating fun, engaging lessons that challenge them not only through drills and practices, but through play as well. And what better way for a child to learn through play than to learn through playing with a friend or relative in the same class? Not only does this enhance point 2 above, but it creates a nurturing, safe and happy learning environment for everyone in attendance!

These are just three of the many reasons why 1-to-2 swimming lessons may be the best option for your child! We offer 1-to-2 lessons at all of our venues except Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common. If you are interested in getting booked in, why not give us a shout today?