Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons With SwimWay Swimming School

SwimWay provides parent and baby swimming lessons for ages 3-36 months. The classes generally take place on weekday mornings at several of our private venues around London. A lovely, warm pool is waiting for you and your child to join in and learn together.

father and child swimming

“Baby swimming classes are fun and boost confidence in the water. They can provide your child with valuable skills for his or her future development, and are a great way for you to bond.”

Made For Mums

SwimWay parent and baby swimming lessons are taught in small groups. This ensures a more personal lesson, with more individual attention for each student in the class. Our specifically trained parent and baby teachers run each class according to the SwimWay programme.

The classes are a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to swimming as well as being a fun social activity for you both. We have developed, and continue to expand upon, our parent and baby programme to ensure positive, progressive results.

Through a series of different techniques, the children will learn various skills. These include water confidence and safety, developing an understanding of water movement, breath control through submersion, floatations, kicking and basic arm movement. These classes are progressive and more than anything place a strong emphasis for the children to have fun!

If you would like to discuss our Swimming Lessons, contact us here or call us on 020 8871 3972.