SwimWay Health & Safety Staff Training – Summer Term 2017

SwimWay Swimming School runs health and safety training for our staff at the start of every term.  This level of commitment to health and safety is a key part of our ethos. It is just one of the things that help our lessons stand out.  The legal minimum for safety training is once every two years. However, we know that your children deserve highly trained, experienced instructors. SwimWay always goes beyond the legal requirement, despite the financial cost.

swimway staff photo
The SwimWay Team, Summer Term 2017


For our Summer Term staff training, company director Dan Pastor opened things up. He outlined how SwimWay has grown in the last year. Our classes in Kensington/Holland Park and our new Balham/Tooting Bec pool have had amazing responses.  He then proceeded with his presentation by introducing the new SwimWay staff members: Richardson, Ana, Bradley, Patricia and Claire. SwimWay is rigorous in our selection process for new instructors. These new teachers have been through an extensive shadowing and training programme prior to their first term with SwimWay.  Following the introduction, Dan recounted the SwimWay standard practices and procedures with help from our more seasoned team members.  We know to have the best instructors matter. Our staff share and learn from each other in these meetings.

Dan ended his talk by highlighting the importance of our students and clients. He also reiterated the value of our wonderful private pool facilities to both the students and the company.  He also mentioned our popular intensive holiday crash course swimming lessons.  For more information about these, go to your location and download information about our Holiday Courses.


Tamsin Watt, our Head of Swimming spoke to our team about SwimWay’s methodology and teaching techniques.  Each term our head instructors attend classes to review our instructors teaching methods.  Our methodology is improved by these observations, practical experience, and feedback. This helps to ensure we offer the best possible lessons.

Health & Safety

Specialist health and safety consultant Dave Perry took control of the Health and Safety part of our training. His wealth of knowledge continues to help keep children safe in the water.  He helps our instructors go through basics of the most common minor injuries. He also puts our team through scenarios based specifically for SwimWay and our unique facilities and private classes.

Our instructors are broken up into three smaller groups and rotated between scenario stations.  This allows Dave Perry to focus on the members of each team and aids the learning process.  Being swimmers, all our instructors are competitive. They worked hard to complete each health and safety scenario using their knowledge and experience.


Parents expect the best from our classes.  This is why we put so much effort into the SwimWay staff training every term.  We truly believe SwimWay has the best swimming classes in London. A large part of that is the quality of the training our team receive.  As a company, we are continually dedicated to providing safe, private swimming lessons for your children.

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