FAQ: How To Be Included In Priority Bookings

Half way through each term we begin the booking process for the following term. This consists of three periods: Rebooking, priority bookings and general bookings.

Rebooking Period

A week or two before half term, we start the rebooking period. This is when current clients swimming in term time lessons can rebook their same time and day. No change requests can be accepted during the rebooking period. We are only able to rebook the same time/day for the following term.

Priority Booking Period

Before the general bookings open, we offer all current clients first priority to request a new time/day. This is dealt with on a first come, first served basis. Current clients are those who have booked and paid for a Term-Time or Holiday course in the current term.

General Booking Period

A couple days after the priority booking period, we open the general bookings. This is for all clients, prospective and current, to request a on a first come, first served basis. All clients on the SwimWay database who have subscribed to our communications will also receive an email announcement. However, we strongly recommend you do not wait for the email as it is usually delayed.

So How Can I Be Included In The Priority Booking Period?

As above, the priority booking period is available to clients who are enrolled into the current term’s term-time lessons or holiday courses. E.g. the priority booking period for the summer term will be open to all clients who are booked into the Spring Term, the February half term course, or the Easter holiday courses.

If you are not able to commit to the full term of lessons, why not sign up for one of the holiday courses? That way you can be included in the priority bookings, giving you a better chance of securing your preferred space for the following term.