FAQ: SwimWay Rebooking & Booking Procedures

SwimWay has established a set of booking procedures for new term bookings. This is due to the overwhelming amount of requests we receive for lessons every term. Over the years we have refined this process to ensure timely and efficient responses for our clients.

young child submerging under the water

Online Bookings

Some schools offer an online bookings system for all their classes. However, we have found this can cause major issues for mismatches. We have an extremely unique methodology and attention to detail. Thus, each one of our 1:2 lesson bookings has to be monitored and handled by our Account Managers personally.  It is incredibly important to correctly match our students to ensure a progressive course of lessons. Not only by age, but by skill level too.  This is why we have developed our specific booking procedures.

It is worth noting that in the near future we will be implementing an online bookings facility. This will be for 1:1 and parent & baby lessons.  The booking of these classes is a far more straightforward affair. Thus, there are fewer issues that would arise from booking online.  More updates on this online bookings facility to follow!

Priority Rebooking For Current Clients

SwimWay does not operate a waiting-list system.  All new bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.  We offer our current clients advance priority to rebook the same lesson time/day ahead of when the general bookings open. This occurs around mid-way through the current term. However, any change requests have to wait for the general bookings.

We only accept bookings for the same time/day for current clients during this period.  Unfortunately, we are unable to advise what alternative spaces are available until after the general bookings open.  If a client is doesn’t rebook, we can open their space for the general bookings.

General Bookings

Once the priority rebooking period ends, we open for new bookings. Our website will show availability and booking instructions here. We also send out an email announcement to our database.  From then on it is a first come, first served opportunity.