FAQ: Holiday Course Bookings For Less Than The Full Week

When taking advance bookings for our intensive holiday courses, our office team only allow clients to book for the full course.  This is because we need to ensure our instructors are guaranteed a certain amount of hours every day. We also need to cover all the pool hire costs for those hours. Additionally, if we took a booking for only three days, we may then get a request for the same space for the full course.  Logistically and financially the only option is to provide holiday course bookings for the full week.

child swimming underwater in a holiday course

This does mean that on occasion clients book a space with us, though they can’t swim for the full course. Unfortunately, if you want to book in advance to guarantee a space, this is your only option.  If you book a 1:1 lesson, you are welcome to offer any lessons you can’t make to a friend/relative.  However, we do require advance notice and the full details of the replacement booking for insurance purposes.

Last-Minute Offers

Sometimes we have some remaining spaces after 12pm on the Friday before the course starts. Depending on demand, we can offer bookings for less than the full course for one of these spaces (minimum booking of 3 lessons). We are usually fully booked, so it is likely we won’t have anything to offer. However, please feel free to contact us to check.  If we have space, we are happy to have you join us!